Eat Defeat


Listen to Rise Above Christmas by Eat Defeat. I told you i was making a Christmas song.

So yeah, we made a christmas song.

The Eat Defeat nerd quiz results

So we posed a little challenge via the medium of facebook a few days ago. As a massive nerd inspired more than The Simpsons and WWE than music itself, a lot of our song titles are thinly veiled pop culture references. We advised you that 6 out of the 10 song titles on our album were some form of pop culture reference, and the person who was able to identify the highest number of these would win a free CD. Well, the results were disappointing and the eventual winner only identified one of the references. So to put you out of your misery, here’s exactly what i was referring to when deciding on these song titles.

1. Self Help For The Helplessly Selfless.

References: Sam and Max Season 1, Episode 1 (Culture Shock)

So i didn’t expect anyone to get this, this is just about the most obscure reference here (and googling it wouldn’t have done much good as i changed the wording slightly). If anyone’s played the game, it references a self help video that Sam refers to as ‘Self help for the helplessly selfish’. Bam. Nerded.

2. 2012

References: 2012. You know, the massive hollywood blockbuster about the end of the world?

Surprised no-one got this, too obvious?

3. The Independent Thought Alarm

References: The Simpsons, Lisa The Vegetarian.

I don’t think I can dissect an animal. I think it’s wrong.

4. Rise Above

References: Edge’s tattoo.

NOT Black Flag, not cool enough.

5. Get It Together

References: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

6. Faithbreaker

References: Michelle McCools finishing move.

A band named after a female wrestlers finishing move write a song named after a female wrestlers finishing move, pretty standard really.

I hope this has given you some insight into the bizarre inspirations behind what we do.


30 Day Diva and Knockout Challenge

Day 9 - Favorite Knockout Finisher: Eat Defeat (Gail Kim)

(via xalleyuce)

We decided to go in a different direction for the back print of the new ‘Challenges’ tees…

We decided to go in a different direction for the back print of the new ‘Challenges’ tees…


And aside from the disappointing departure of our drummer, it was awesome. Hopefully we’ll be out and about a lot more often this next year. For now though we’re practising with Joe Dimuantes on drums (ex Random Hand, current Human Project) and it should be absolutely awesome.

sixteenbearz said: I'll be honest, I thought you guys were going to sound like shit. I listened to some of your music and it completely changed my mind. You guys are awesome.

That’s awesome, thank you, and i’m glad you gave us a chance! Do we give off a crappy vibe?

neck-de3p said: Thanks for the follow :) xx

No worries dude! Hope you enjoy the tunes :)

aboywithoutbatteries said: You music is fucking awesome!

Thank you so much chief! Much much appreciated :)